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Flitsinterview Eirini Skoura

Who are your main influences as an illustrator?

I am a great fan of Juanjo Guarnido, the co-creator and illustrator of "Blacksad, I also like Alessandro Barbucci of "Skydoll", and mostly Didier Crisse who is the main reason that I wanted to be a comic book artist!

What aspects of Greek mythology do you find inspiring?

I like the way the ancient Greeks understood the world and tried to described it. I believe that through mythology you can understand a lot about people's culture and way of thinking. As a whole I find it very inspiring!

Who is your favourite mythological character? I cannot isolate only one. I have a lot of characters that I find fascinating. Maybe I favor Odysseus a bit more than others, because of his wits and bravery and because The Odyssey is one of my favorite stories of Greek mythology.

When you read a story do you always think how you would visualize it?

I do. Ever since I was little whenever I read a book I thought of how I could draw the characters. I think that that is why I wanted to be an illustrator in the first place, so that I could tell stories by drawing them.

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