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Interview Travis Jhanson

How and where were you trained as an artist?

I trained myself and worked in the industry. I am always learning on how to better myself at my craft as both an illustrator and a story teller.

How do you create? Dou you use traditional methods or do you also use the computer?

I actually combine both methods. I usually script out my pieces and stories and then tackle them through sketchbook pro, manga studio and photoshop. I find that I have the most fun sketching and inking. But i also do a lot of original piece on vellum and with copic markers.

If you could be a character from Tolkien, who would you like to be? I would be... hmmm.... prob Elrond.

What is your opinion on the cultural climate in the United States?

Very polarized, with too many outside opinions and not enough listening on both sides.

Which other artists do you like?

I love Stan Sakai, David Pederson, William Stout, and many more ...

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