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Interview Marcelo Trom

You are comic penciller of Zombie Tramp comic and you have also made cartoon art tutorials. What is the most difficult aspect of drawing cartoon characters?

The method of drawing cartoons is actually very easy, after you get an understanding of the geometry of the design (envision a circle, square, triangle, etc.). When you understand the geometry, all in the design becomes easier.

Can you describe the process of designing a new character?

Everyone thinks design has to do with having a good light hand, but it is actually the eye that’s important, it’s clinical and thorough. When you are alert and observing while drawing (e.g. a geometric field) you will have all the results you need.

Can creativity be taught?

Creativity comes easily when you can merge two or more objects, either animal or vegetable. Join a horse with a crocodile and you have a dragon or join a combat tank with an airplane. You can see the result? It’s actually very simple.

What is your opinion on the cultural climate in Brazil?

Brazil has many artists, but most die in anonymity, that is the reason that many do not believe that Brazilian art is important. Some artists suffer from lack of resources or information, but overall there are very many talented artists. I always say that very little is done with all the talent.

If you could meet an artist from the past, who would that be and what would you like to discuss with him or her?

Alex Toth seems a great teacher. I would ask if the Space ghost is Batman without ears. I’d wish I could know the answer.

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