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Interview Von Glitschka

You are a illustrator and designer. How were you trained as an artist?

Yes. I refer to myself as an illustrative designer. In leverage illustration means to solve design oriented visual problems.

I graduated from Seattle Art Institute (Burnley School of Art) in 1986. Traditionally trained (Prior to Digital) but I was programming on Apple II as a freshman in high school. So I switched to digital pretty fast once it got up to speed as a professional tool. I’m a diehard MAC fan before it was fashionable to be a diehard MAC fan that is.

What aspects of designing do you find most inspiring?

That moment where you break through the barrier and realize that singular idea that will work for any given creative challenge. That is fun. Design is like solving mysteries in a way. So I love the concept end of the creative process because it sets up the practical end of actually creating the work you conceived. The process is where the joy comes into play. The end result is fun but it’s the concept and creation that really holds the love for design for me.

What is your opinion on visual culture in the United States?

We have so many amazingly talented designers in this country. Yet so much of what represents this country aesthetically speaking is downright horrible. Look at our money for example. It’s stale graphic lettuce. It’s boring, unoriginal and not designed very well. So I guess it’s no surprise it’s art directed by .gov. But I collect currency from around the world and I have one bill from Brunei that is printed on a transparent substrate, has holograms, full color, a see through watermarked window. It’s beautifully designed and fat chance anyone is going to pull off counterfeiting it. The US could do the same but we’re ruled by visual idiots so it’ll never happen. Our design culture in the states influences the world but top tier media cities like New York, LA etc. get too much attention IMO. There is a lot of better work being created by no-name firms then there is by Pentagram for example. But I digress.

Which artists do you admire?

Neville Brody out of the UK. Huge influence on me.

When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

Ever since I was a little kid. Grew up on MAD magazine.

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