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Interview Anuj Shrestha

You are an illustrator and comics artist. How would you describe your style?

I would say I use a clear line style, influenced by the work of French, Belgian and Italian cartoonists, with a little Otomo thrown in for fun.

What is the most rewarding aspect of drawing?

A fleeting sense of purpose in a fearful, chaotic world.

Who are your main influences?

Los Bros Hernandez's Love and Rockets, Charles Burns, the boundless imagination of Moebius and 16th century anatomical drawings.


What is the status of comics/graphic fiction in the US?

This is an exciting time for comics in the US. There are more cartoonists with unique stylistic and narrative approaches than ever before. Marginalized voices (women artists, artists of color, LGBTQ artists) are being brought into the spotlight and their work demands to be experienced. The work of individual cartoonists are slowly but surely being recognized for their literary and artistic merit outside of the standard superhero fodder perpetually being produced by the larger media companies. It is an exciting time to be a part of this medium, whether as a creator or reader.

What other contemporary artists (any genre) should be more famous?

Sloane Leong - She has collaborated with other writers on comics published by Image, but her mini comics and ongoing series are what truly showcase her talent.

Pete Toms - Hilarious, acerbic writing paired with disturbing visuals. A witty, informed observer of technology and contemporary culture.

Isabel Seliger - Beautiful illustration work, filled with sadness and hope.

Bianca Bagnarelli - Incredible comics and illustration, with a fine, clean line and soft color palette.

See also: Christophe Badoux

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