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Interview Scarlett Diamond

You are known als 'the Parisian showgirl'. Who are your main influences?

My main influences are Art and Fashion, I'am much inspired by painting, photography, cinema, music, dance, ballet, architecture, and of course fashion. I love Vintage Showgirls, and main revues like the mythic Folies Bergere (I have the chance to live just near this fabulous place) and of course le Casino de Paris too. I love also the beautiful and opulent Ziegfeld Follies in New York and the Windmill theater in London.

Showgirls and dancers I like : Mistinguett, Louise Brooks and the others Ziegfeld girls, Sally Rand the most beautiful fan dancer, Loie Fuller, Isadora Duncan, Ida Rubinstein....

What is your opinion on the cultural climate in Paris?

I think Paris is a cosmopolite and artistic city, with a multifaceted culture, Paris is renowed for is architecture trough the centuries, for is theaters, operas, museums, cabarets... For is history, greats figures and artists who build and do of that city one of the most beautiful city of the world. Of course i'am Parisian, but i'am also a world citizen and love other culture, and Art.

If you could live in another time period, which period would that be?

I love so much the decadent and opulent roaring twenties, and about the1930s I love the Aesthetism , the decorum, the fashion, the architecture, the Art Deco area is my favorite. I'am literally an Black and Gold obsessed . I love also the Parisian Belle Epoque of 1900, Art nouveau period, the area of the great courtesans, and Showgirls like La Belle Otero, Cleo de Merode, Liane de Pougy, Mata Hari, Loie Fuller... And excentric creatures like the Marchesa Casati who are a main inspiration for me. I like also the XIX eme century, and napoleon III area for paintings, architectures... And also Antique periode like Roman, Grecian, Assyrian, Babylonian, and Egypt.

So it's difficult to choose but i think i'am a little too obsessed about the future and and futurisme so maybe it will be a great period with a mix of all of that

Do you see yourself as a retro performer?

Yes of course I am, my main influences and inspirations involve retro areas, my Acts and "Tableaux Vivants" too, but I am not only a "retro" performer, I also love modern and futuristic art, in Fashion, Architecture, Performances, so I am also inspired by modernity and I have some Futuristic "Performances" with projections/lights.... I consider myself primarily as a Visual Artist, Artist Performer and Showgirl who does Retro/Modern/Futuristic "Tableaux Vivants"

Can you tell us about your career so far?

I'am started my career in 2007 as a Burlesque Perfomer, but i was modelling since 2004 for Retro/Fetish/and Artistic Photography and I did ballet about 8 years when I was young in a conservatory in Paris, I also did Fashion and Art studies.

I was always inspired by Art and Fashion from my youth, it's was a little bit easy because I have an very artistic heritage, my father is an Italian painter who did Fine Arts in Italy and my mother is a dressmaker who did my first costumes, so I was always touch about Art.

So when I was modelling and did photography I wanted to recreate the aesthetism and the visuality of the photography i created with the photographers and do my own Art and transform it into living Art and a "Tableau Vivant".

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