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Interview Nathalie Rattner

Model: Jessamyn Rose

Who are your main influences as an artist? There are so many people who influence me that it’s hard to pin down all of the major influences, though my father has certainly influenced me more than anyone else. He is also an artist and has spent many years teaching me everything that he knows about art. Can you tell us about your career?

I’ve been a full time artist since 2009 and have had a wonderful time growing my business. I’ve created pieces for private collections around the world and I’ve also had the opportunity to work as a commercial artist. I’ve created artwork and illustrations for a TV series and for commercial products, such as Pin Up hair spray, men’s bespoke leather wallets, cereal box covers, coloring books, vintage style paper dolls/accessories, CD covers, movie poster art and logo art. I’ve also worked closely with fashion brands, creating advertisements and fashion sketches. I think it’s fair to say that I do a bit of everything.

Model: Vivi Louise

What aspect of pin up art do you like best? I like how it’s a style in which all women can feel represented. I love art that people feel a part of and that they can relate to in some way. Also, pin-ups are just downright fun, not only to look at but also to paint. You are intrigued by Hollywood glamour. What role does this play in your work?

I’ve always been drawn to old Hollywood glamour. As a kid, instead of watching Disney cartoons like many people my age, I was watching black and white classics. For me, it’s a reference to how life can be a work of art and so can you. It’s taught me to look not only at the art paper I’m working on as a blank canvas upon which to create, but also at myself.

You also make children’s illustrations. When is a children’s illustration effective? I’m so happy you asked me about this. I’m very passionate about my work in children’s illustrations. Kids’ imaginations are absolutely amazing and being able to capture that with an illustration is one of the best experiences I’ve had. I think an illustration is effective when it brings joy to someone and when it helps a child think about something, such as an experience, emotion or just day-to- day activities, in a different way than they had looked at it before.

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