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Interview Laetitia Guilbaud

How would you describe your art style?

At the moment I like to describe my art as modern pin-up art or free spirited women art :-)

Who are you main influences?

Women! I like the pin-up art, burlesque art in all their forms. I am inspired by the era starting from the 1920's to the 1960's, I like the fashion of those times. Also I love artists like Picasso and Egon Schiele

Can you tell us something about your career?

I currently live in France but I previously spent 10 years in Glasgow (Scotland) where my career took off when in 2009 I portrayed the first minister Nicola Sturgeon in a sexy painting. She is holding a pint of beer in a skimpy politician outfit. She was then the health minister.

When you draw or paint a woman, to which aspects do you pay most attention?

The curves, face, eyes and the pose. I aim to achieve a balance which accentuates the female form. I like to see a dynamic in the drawing/painting.

What is your opinion on the cultural climate in France?

The art is really diverse here. It's just a shame that administration in France is a problem. There is only an old badly run institution for artists and it's a mess. If only that could be sorted, artists would be more free.


For an interview with a female pin up artist: http://www.barbarus.org/single-post/2016/06/23/Interview-Fiona-Stephenson

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