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Interview Sophie Lamour

Can you tell us about your career?

My career began in the world of cinema and theatre, as a child I loved to read, listen to fairy tales and see the great films. I studied acting, many kinds of dance, and various types of sports such as horseback riding, swimming ... and everything has always accompanied me a faithful friend: the music. Music for me is the main source of inspiration, through the various sounds you can create moments of truly amazing show. Today I’m Art Director of L' Amour Burlesque, a special school of Genoa in Italy, in which one learns Burlesque, Theatre, Ori Tahiti , Tribal Belly Dance ... to create extraordinary performances . I also founded "The Laboratory of the Sirens" the first mobile school in Italy to become a real mermaid. I still have a lot to learn why I never stop studying

Can you tell us something about the history of Burlesque?

Burlesque is an ancient art ... it finds its roots in Commedia dell'Arte. Infact, it is a real art that combines many disciplines : theatre, dance , improvisation , animation , fashion and set design . Burlesque is magic especially for women. It makes them free to express themselves without fear , without prejudice. You can may be ironic , seductive , funny , irreverent , politically incorrect ...I think that there’s something incredible . Also in this world, you have a great duty: be yourself , because the uniqueness is rewarded

How do you explain the popularity of ''retro'' nowadays?

The popularity of the retro style is due to the fact that we need to dream . Despite the great technological progress , human beings need something genuine, simple, evocative. The fifties, for example , have always been the symbol of well-being and rebirth : an image can sum all this …the smile of Marilyn Monroe . At that time, women wore dresses to enhance the curves , the men loved the wild style like Marlon Brando ... there was a lot of sensuality dressed in innocence ... was something impalpable and particularly irresistible . So today many women follow the pin up style.

Can you tell us about your books?

I have written three books to date. A fully dedicated to retro style and pin up , in which I describe the story of the pin up phenomenon for the first time in Italian language, from the beginning until today , besides the make up, the icons and some very interesting anecdotes , it is de " Il Vero Libro delle Pin Up” .The second is titled " I love burlesque " , in which I recount my magical journey in burlesque , remember the first performers as Gypsy Rose Lee , who cleared through customs, the discipline , the latest symbol of unequivocal beauty as Dita Von Teese and Immodesty Blaze , and also many tips for building your character . The third " Sirene Guardiane dell’Acqua " is a fantasy story in which I tell the story of the mermaids through extraordinary illustrations by special artist Mirella Vaiani Lisi , who realized the sirens of different countries : it is a compelling and mysterious story

Who are your main influences?

My source of inspiration is surely the art of painting in addition to music and the fabulous world of the fairy tale and cinema . My beauty icons are the mermaid Esther Williams 50’s pin up , Sophia Loren , Marilyn Monroe ... And..Leonardo's Mona Lisa , The Sirens of Waterhouse , the Polynesian of Gauguin , women of Vermeer and Klimt , Titian and Goya ... and I could go on indefinitely.


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