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Interview with Rina Bambina

How did you become interested in being a retro style model?

My journey as a vintage model began when I took a look into my grandmother’s wardrobe, because I was looking for costumes for our local theatre group. What I found were many beautiful dresses that my granny had sewn by herself during the past decades. When I was wearing them for the first time, I immediately felt classy and comfortable. I began taking photos wearing more and more vintage fashion and I fell in love with this style and with the whole culture right away. And I fall in love with the vintage world every day anew.

If you could live in the past, which period would you choose?

I would choose the 1950s, because this era seems very bright to me. One could feel that changes in the society were about to happen and the young people were rebellious and open minded. And not to forget, everybody knew how to dance!

Would you describe yourself as nostalgic?

Definitely! For me, the vintage style isn’t just a dress up - I have a real passion for nostalgia. My apartment is furnished with cabinets from my grandmother’s basement, I listen to vinyl records almost every day and I live for vintage fashion. But looks aren’t the only important thing. I like the feeling of being nostalgic. I love browsing through old picture albums with my family, to hear the old songs and to listen to people telling me about their lives in the old days.

If you could be a movie actress from a classic movie, who would you be?

I would go with Audrey Hepburn, because she was a classic beauty who could be sweet and innocent, but also elegant and very seductive at the same time. She also was passionate and committed beyond the silver screen.

Which question I didn't ask would you like to answer (and what is the answer)?

The question would be: ‘Has being a vintage model changed your life?’. And the answer would be: Yes! My life has changed in many ways. First, I’m grateful to meet and work with talented artists from all over the world. They broaden my horizon and they make me learn things about myself. That would be the second thing, which has changes for me. Like many young people, I’ve been dissatisfied with myself and I felt like I couldn’t find my place in the society. Finding something that I can be passionate about helped me becoming happy with myself again - not just with my body or my looks, but with the way that I’m going right now. And finally, I’m able to collect a variety of really cool pictures of myself in order to show them to future generations one day, while I’m telling them my story.

Picture 1:

Photographer - Nouva Fotografie

Dress - Happy Onigiri

Picture 2:

Photographer - Nouve Fotografie

Make up & Hair - Miriam Regitz

Dress - Atelier Belle Couture

Picture 3:

Photographer - The Vintagizers

Make up & Hair - Djamila Make-Up Artist

Dress - Redcat Seven

Hat - Antia - Die Hutmacherin

Picture 4:

Photographer - Nouva Fotografie

Dress & Fascinator - Néné Chérie

Picture 5:

Photographer - Reiner Eisenbeis

Dress: Vive Maria

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