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Interview with Sini Ariell

Can you tell us about your career so far?

I was born in Finland in a small village. I was a unique little child when I grew up and started modelling at the age of 18. I was always keen to see what kind of creation I could make out of myself. I am an artist of tattoos , paintings and acting. My modelling career has always being only for trying to find different characters, looks, poses and create a story in a picture. I love the challenge that I put to myself before the modelshoots. I have now done modelling since 1999. I still only do modelling for fun and good practise. Tattoos are my main job and brings the money in the table.

I travel a lot for being a model, a judge in many international pin-up competitions, acting in different shows, and also tattooing exhibitions and competitions. My career is me. My career is my life so therefore I can't explain when my career started. I always say "it started when I was born".

What aspects of being a model do you like best?

Creating a character in pictures. Making it look like a picture of a story. My modelling is more like serious acting in front of the camera than just posing. I’’m trying to become the character that I’m dressed as. The more difficult look we are after the more I enjoy doing it.

How did your fascination for tattoos start?

I have always drawn a lot. I love tattoos and their uniqueness. It is an art form which will never die. Tattoos can tell a story in so many levels. I am always fascinated of tattoos and the meaning behind them. But of course I appreciate the quality of the artwork too. Even the smallest little star tattoo may mean a great loss or a big victory for the person. You never judge book by it's cover.

What common misconceptions are there about tattoo culture?

That tattoos are bad thing and have something to do with bikey gangs or other criminal activity.

Tattoos are nowadays more of a body jewellery than anything else. Tattoos are something we wanted to carry with us to tell a story or decorate ourselves with.

What is your opinion on the cultural climate in Australia?

I find the cultural climate quite interesting because of the Aboriginal culture and the English one are combined together. I am fascinated by Aboriginal art very much and the culture as well. I love to discover Australia and see many different places to get inspiration to my own art.

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