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Interview with Miss Lady Lace

Photo: Ian Munro, The West Australian

Can you tell us about your career?

My name is Miss Lady Lace, I’m a pinup girl, burlesque artist and vintage blogger. In the past I’ve worked for a modelling agency, and dance company for serval years but have since left these to work for myself full-time, which was such an incredibly hard decision, but it has really paid off for me as I feel I’m able to be more creative and I’ve achieved so much. I also run vintage events, do vintage hair and makeup styling, write for Retro Vintage Review Magazine, run a pinup contest (Miss Lady Lace’s Pinup Parade) through The Vintage Collective Markets, teach vintage pinup and burlesque classes, and so much more. For me my vintage passions are my life, I dress vintage everyday, I also run a community group called The Perth Pinup Community where we have regular meet ups and assist in charity work.

What is the best part of being a burlesque performer?

How I feel when I dance, there’s nothing like it! Whether I’m on stage, dancing with friends, rehearsing at home or creating a cute outfit videos for my blog, it’s an immense joy that’s almost impossible to put into words. I love the theatrical element too, I love to dress in opulent costume, encompass such large props as my giant martini and spaceship. When I was younger I studied costuming as I didn’t think I could support myself as a performer, the course required me to almost stop performing, it honestly was something that broke my heart, I left this knowing what my true calling was and I had to make it happen. I think in life we’re on a journey, sometimes I wish I could go to my younger self and tell her what to do, but I know the things I’ve done have made me the person I am today.

Photo Della Photography

What are common misconceptions about pin up culture?

I think a lot of people who are involved pinup lifestyle either wish they were born in a different era, or assume that people like me wish this, but the reality of the golden age of glamour was much harsher than the glamourised version us pinups love today. There was a lot of oppression, hardships, racism, sexism war-time issues and so much more. I really adore learning about the past, and while I love the fashion, and other elements, I really like to live in 2016, I like to have my freedom, I like that we’re in this revolution for so many things changing, and a lot of things we take for granted would not be so if I were born into these eras.

You are a vintage blogger. How do you explain current interest in retro and vintage?

There are many things that attract people to pinup, the first aspect is the aesthetic, it was for me at least, I fell in love with glamour, the opulence, and fun of it all, it’s a style that makes everyone feel beautiful. In Perth I’ve really strived to create a strong community, and I think that’s something else people love about vintage, there’s a sense of belonging to a tribe, when you meet someone who dresses this way, it’s an instant connection, and you have so much in common.

What is your opinion on the cultural climate in Australia?

I think our cultural climate is something that is ever-growing, we have so many creative and talented people who are working to make some truly amazing things take place. It is a tough industry and we do have a lack of funding for such things, but we have to just keep working hard and doing the best we can. A question I’m often asked is if/when I plan to move away from Perth or even Australia to further pursue success, I do have plans to travel the world, but I think I’ll always call Perth my home, I want to make my little city amazing with vintage events and fun, and I want to create so much in the future. I have big dreams, and I’m going to make them happen.

Photo Memphis belles, Della Photography

www.ladylace.com.au www.facebook.com/missladylace

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