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Interview with go-go Amy

You are a Burlesque artist. What makes you different from other Burlesque performers?

What sets me apart from other burlesque dancers is that I am not a burlesque dancer. Many people get confused because my costumes are still very burlesque inspired. Although I did do burlesque early in my career I now do circus sideshow and variety acts. My 2 main acts are fire eating and quick change magic although I have about 10 different variety acts in all including straight jacket escape, machete ladder, balloon swallow, tennis racket contortion, Chinese Execution Blade Box, singing, comedy, hosting, a mind reading act that features my dog scraps and I often work with Rasputin's marionettes and his puppets

What aspect of performing culture do you like best?

I got my start as a designer so I really enjoy making costumes. That's why my quick change magic act is currently my favourite of all the things I perform. It's a real challenge of costume and sewing engineering.

What is your opinion on 'retro' and nostalgia?

Nostalgia is great. Better to experience a romanticized version of the past then the harsh reality of the present.

I also found it very interesting when learning about May West that she was able to get away with a lot more when she started dressing in a nostalgic fashion. In one of the books I read they mentioned that she could get away with a lot more racy jokes when dressed in the saloon girl style reminiscent of the audience's grandmother. It was an interesting and very smart tactic to get around people's hang ups about sex and the censors. I think the modern nostalgia movements find a similar comfort. By dressing in yesterday's fashion you are more free to talk about today's issues.

You are a vintage hair specialist. When can one call a hair do ''vintage'?

If you have done a wet to dry roller set you are rocking vintage hair. It's not so much about the style for me but the set

You give classes on how to be a pin up girl. What is your single most important lesson for aspiring pin up girls?

Never underestimate the power of good hair.


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