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Interview with Kandi von Kane

Photo: Belinda Bartzner

Can you tell us about your career?

My career as a pin up model and burlesque artist started quite simultaneous, many years ago. I started with both about the same time. From the start I did pin up to market my burlesque acts but then it quite slided from that and I did pin up for the sake of it, I simply love the pin up aesthetics! The lingerie, the make up, the whole thing.

Before I started with both burlesque and pin up I was a Suicide Girl, and also I was on other alt porn sites, always with my own twist though, so I guess the step to do burlesque and pin up instead was not that far:)

I have done so many things I am proud of in both burlesque and pin up. I have performed all over the world, several times in Los Angeles which is a city I love, both be in and to perform in!

I guess one could say my highlights so far as a pin up model must be winning Miss Pinup International (2014), which I was qualified to enter by winning also Miss Pinup Scandinavia the same year - Those are the only pin up contests I have entered, I must add. I am not really into the pin up contest thing;). Also I have been on the cover of the biggest tattoo magazine in Sweden and my pictures were published in many more magazines and books

Photo Terry Mendoza

What is the best aspect of being a model?

I love so many parts of it! From getting myself ready -or someone else getting me ready-, to the time in front of the camera, to see the results and then to see it all published, wherever it may turn up:) Also the beautiful and free clothes, jewellery and other things does not hurt either: P

I love old school pin up and to honour that culture really makes me proud and happy!

Can you tell us how it is to perform as a burlesque artist?

It is good, thanks! Haha hmm hard to explain! But I love it, the minutes on stage gives me so much energy and fulfilment that it keeps me in a high mode for days! I love the minutes before I enter the stage; the butterflies! And then to tell my twisted little tales to the audience, hear their laughter and try to keep my own inside! Also of course I love the applauds afterwards, letting me know that I did good and that the audience also had a good time!

If you could meet a person from history, who would you want to meet and what would you ask?

Oh I guess that would have to be Bettie Page and I would ask her if we can be friends forever!

Shogun Photography



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