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Interview with Tara La Luna

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Can you tell us about your career?

I have started as a burlesque performer when I was asked about 10 years ago whether I would have a show in the P1 in Munich. Before I had made myself a name as a model in the Pin up and fetish scene. I rehearsed a small show in which I was a sexy teacher who went with a cane and strict glasses through the audience, before I put my clothes of gradually. For the beginning this was not so bad at all and there really came more and more inquiries. I was getting more and more confident. I appeared even once in a noble pouffe or on the deck of a ship in Berlin. I appeared up to now on big and on small stages in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria. After a longer break, now I will be also present again in the show "Let's Burlesque" from October, 2016. I am glad about it already very much. I paused because I have given birth to my son in May, 2015. Since 2009 I run with a friend from Germany the first Burlesque agency – heroine Artists, www.heroine-artists.com.

Photo: Simone Seefeldt

What aspect of Burlesque do you like best?

I like the cheeky, the sexyness, the playful … I cannot say, actually, at all what I love most. I think every creative show is great. The Performers of the Burlesque scene are so unique that it simply sometimes blows my mind.

Who are your main influences?

I identify more with the classic Burlesque performers who move elegantly and beautifully. I like it when the show sparkles. I love corsets, high heels and nylons. These were my trademarks as a model in whic I feel at home and safe .

When are you happy with a photo of you?

I 'm honestly a perfectionist . If for example a belly fold is seen or the socks sit crooked, I am not happy with the photo and do not show it. I am a little bit vain. ;)

Photo: Jens Book

Why is being a a burlesque performer so fascinating to you?

It is the excitement before every show, the tense faces of the audience, the applause. I have seen nice places and wonderful old theatres by my work as a performer. I have met interesting and great artists.

Otherwise, all this would never have come on my

path in my life maybe. All this spurs me and moves me to continue. I love what I do and I hope I can do it for a long time.

Photo: Simone Seefeldt

www.taralaluna.com https://www.facebook.com/TaralaLuna23/ https://www.instagram.com/tara_la_luna_/

Meer burlesque: http://www.barbarus.org/blog/tag/Burlesque

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