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Interview with Ô de mon Chéri

Photo: Eve Saint-Ramon

Can you tell us about your career so far?

My career is based on my voice, my passion for retro and my love for communication. I am a Jazz/Swing/French music singer and a presenter (TV & events).

I have been singing all my life but professionally since 2007. Living this "artist life" brought me to sing for prestigious brands on the French Riviera, wine connoisseurs in Texas or in Macedonia or for only two people in a little street of Brazil. In 2015 I got the opportunity to become one of the faces of a new TV channel in France. Since then I am "live" 3 days a week in Paris and try to combine this new life with my singing activities.

What aspect of being a model do you like best?

The creation of the best shot! I love when everything connects - the photographer, me, the location, the light, the outfit, props etc - and results in having THE instant of perfection. This instant that will be impossible to recreate but that you had the chance to capture on a photograph.

Photo: Eve Saint-Ramon

Can you tell us about your passion for vintage?

My love for Jazz music and for femininity got me into vintage.When I was a child I listened to jazz music and knew this was my thing. I dream about having a gramophone at home and to collect real and rare vinyls from American Jazz musicians! Why do I say "femininity" got me into vintage? Because for me there will never be more feminine, sexy and elegant outfit than one from the 40's or 50's. I am nostalgic about this epoch when everything was hand-made, local and lasting.T he more I get older and the more I love the fashion from the 20's to the early 60's. I love to wear an outfit that will emphasise my curves but also that has a story. It is very emotional to know that the piece you found in a little vintage shop has its story on its own and now you are part of it!

Can you tell us about your music?

I am in love with music from the 1920 to 1950 with a preference for Swing and Jazz. I sing in English and in French. My repertoire is obviously a selection of my favourite songs within these 40 years of time period.

When I select a song to sing I go for funny, romantic or dramatic lyrics. I need to perform, to tell a story, to give emotions and not only to sing notes and lyrics.

What is your opinion on the art climate in France?

France has many festivals, bars and clubs where you can listen to great music, every kind of music, and for all prices and for everyone! And I am happy to see that retro is « en vogue », in part thanks to the influence of electro Swing and Burlesque.

Artists are helped by the French government to create and live from their art which is rare in countries where I lived in the past (Spain & Switzerland)!

But even though I can totally say that France is an « art focused » country, I have to regret that majors only invest in reality show singers and that unfortunately the audience follows…

Photo: Khaled Mzr

Photo: Stefan Deuber

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