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Interview with Morgan Pielli

How would you describe your art style?

Very heavy inks and strong spot blacks. I alternate between a very clean, Charles Burns-esque look and a denser almost impressionistic and splotchy approach.

What aspect of visual storytelling you like best?

I love being able to direct the eye around a page using my composition and careful use of large black and white areas. A page that feels elegantly simple in it's arrangement but able to convey a complex set of ideas is one of the best things in the world!

When is a design effective?

When it is immediately clear what is happening on the page and what the tone is that I'm trying to convey, all without the need for text. Dialogue becomes a spice rather than an ingredient.

What is the best part of being creative?

Being able to express what I am feeling and thinking in a way that feels like a natural extension of myself.

What contemporary artists should get more attention from the media?

Frank Stella. Aubrey Beardsley. Eddie Campbell

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