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Short interview with Joel Nakamura

You are an artist. Would you describe your work as 'folk art’?

I would describe some of the work I do as modern Folk art or Neo- primitive

Other work may be called Japanese Pop art with a twist

Do you think that inspiring art should tell a story? Why/Why not?

I find that if I have a story to tell the art is more interesting to create and view.

We are a story driven culture. TED talks that do the best seem to be story based

We consume movies, books Etc, all story driven

Who are your main influences as an artist?

Folk artists, cultural anthropology - painters Dali, Miro, Kandinsky, Ernst, Murakami

You are interested in mythology. If you could be a mythological character, who would you like to be and why?

Sisyphus- as I am always pushing a rock uphill for one reason or another I do get to rest when it rolls down hill

What aspects of being an artist do you like best?

I like being able to be influenced by the world - freedom to create when I want and what I want.

Not sure what else I could really do?

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